Shooting Boy Supremacy game for android


Shooting Boy Supremacy game for android

Shooting Boy Supremacy is a free android game released on March 2023 on the Amazon and itch io app stores.

It's a shooting game with a lot of fun.

The game is not yet published on the google play store. But we will publish as soon possible. 

To get the game search on the amazon app store or visit itchio platform or the following links;

Shooting Boy Supremacy is a mobile action game that puts your shooting enemies. 

As the protagonist, you play as a skilled marksman tasked with taking down waves of enemies, each one more challenging than the last.

Collect the coins and points, challenge yourself, and avoid the obstacle. 


  • Collect the Coins
  • Kill as many enemies as you can
  • Shoot The enemies with your Fire weapon
  • Challenge yourself or your friend
  • Drive a car
  • Take a Plane
  • Avoid Obstacle
  • Reach HighScore

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